Salclear and Salshield are the brand names of our market leading repellent products for the sports and leisure industry.

We have pushed the boundaries in terms of product development to bring you creative and high tech products that work well and that you'll value.

Our products are used in many and varied outdoor activities from motorbiking, and mountainbiking, to skiing, running and athletics.

They provide the user with the ultimate in repellent technology, whether its water, insects or rust you'd like to keep at bay....

Salshield Shuproof is our new water repellent polymer/wax spray for reproofing and waterproofing smooth leather boots and outdoor footwear




Water Repellents

Rust Repellents

Insect Repellents
Fog Repellents



We have developed our own in house technology to produce repellents in the following markets:

fabrics and garmets used in outdoor pursuits. Salshield® DWR

water repellent corrosion inhibitors - Salshield Rusteze®

mosquito and flying insect repellents Salshield Mosipel®

Salclear® fog repellent for all types of sports eyewear